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Revolting ‎–Dreadful Pleasures cd


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Eclectic Productions release in jewelcase

Revolting’s debut album, Dreadful Pleasures, features 9 songs of horror obsessed splatter death metal full of catchy, headbanging songs so intense they will stay with you to the grave – and beyond. You’ve been warned…the Revolter has awakened from its decades long slumber beneath the crypt….and it’s not happy at all with what death metal and horror has become. It’s hungry, and ready to begin its grotesque assault on your senses and show the underground what real Death Metal is supposed to be about. Revolting brings back the gory-glory days of cult Razorback bands such as Lord Gore and Frightmare, combined with the sound and vibe of the early 90’s Swedish Death Metal masters such as Grave and Dismember to come up with their own brand of putrid, rotting, and grotesque horror death metal

Track list:
1. Tenafly Viper
2. Terror Has No Shape
3. Overtaken By The Crawling
4. They’re Not Human
5. Moonshine Mutation
6. Video Vixen
7. Brainwaves Of Death
8. Sheetar The Bloodqueen
9. Dreadful Pleasures

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