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Revolting ‎–The Terror Threshold cd


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Limited 2014 release in A5 digipak cover featuring the Bonesaw Leftovers EP as bonus

Rogga Johansson, the man of a hundred death metal bands. Can you mention them all? Or do you even know how many projects he has? Well that could be the question of the day but who really cares when they are as good as Revolting. The Terror Threshold features glorious, tongue in cheek old school Swedish death metal. Rogga takes much of his lyrical influence for this project from old sci-fi and horror films, and pairs it up with a grinding death motif which pays tribute to the forefathers of that scene: Entombed, Dismember, Grave, etc. The Terror Threshold will not appeal to the innovation seeker or the hallowed hipster. Regardless, it’s ghoulish, harmless fun with the same consistency and quality of the debut effort and has a little more depth than you might think. Good examples are “The Grip of Death”, which infuses more than the normal dose of morbid melody into the grinding d-beat rhythms that so many of these retro bands simply cannot see beyond. Or the rather unusual, discordant streams of chords that wind through the intro to “Grotesque Beyond Belief”. Or the killer, atmospheric melodies that cut through “Harvest the Humans”, which remind me of earlier Unanimated or The Crown. If you just want your spine carved in, well, Revolting can do that too: “Bloodthirsty Bitches”, “Horror Hooker”, “Destructive Organism”, and the riotous “Head in the Fridge” have you covered. Some of the grimier numbers that close out the Bonesaw Leftovers EP are also quote good, especially the title track. “Grizzly Aftermath” is hilarious. Yeah. That’s right. A death metal song about being mauled by a bear. Get this while you can

Track list:
1. Gulp The Blood
2. The Grip Of Death
3. Grotesque Beyond Belief
4. Heads In The Fridge
5. Rise Of The Revolter-instrumental
6. Harvest The Humans
7. Trigger The Trap
8. Bloodthirsty Bitches
9. Destructive Organism
10. Horror Hooker-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
11. Gorezone Obsession-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
12. Vengeance Of The Nails-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
13. Slimetime-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
14. Grizzly Aftermath-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
15. Welcome To The Shredshed-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
16. Bonesaw Leftovers-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
17. Skull Scavengers-Bonesaw Leftovers EP
18. Unlisted-hidden bonus track
19. Unlisted-hidden bonus track

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