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Revolting ‎–Born To Be Dead cd


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Revolting, led by Revolting Rogga Johansson, has been delivering some deadly high quality death metal since 2008. Their eight studio album, Born To Be Dead, arrived in 2022 and it only takes a few minutes into the opening track, Souls Of Sorrow, before you realize why you love this band. Its Swedish influenced death metal with a massive and still devastating sound. If you love Swedish death metal or love Revolting’s previous albums then you need Born To Be Dead. The album remains true to the bands sound.

Track list:
1. Souls Of Sorrow
2. Born For Butchery
3. Master Of The End
4. The Suffering
5. Flesh On The Razor Wire
6. Tentacles Come Crawling
7. A Trail Of Human Blood
8. Rotting In The Depths
9. The Knowing
10. Born To Be Dead

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