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Revolting -Hymns Of Ghastly Horror MC


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German pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with paper label. Limited 200 copies

Revolting, with death metal musician Rogga, is here presenting their fourth full length album in the same number of years. Hymns Of Ghastly Horror delivers exactly what the trio has advertised with their previous album, some of the most campy, horror-inspired, frightful old school death metal kitsch outside the Razorback roster. The album opens with The Mother Of Darkness opens with heavy influences from Swedish death metal pioneers such as Entombed and Dismember with the cutting, gnarly guitar tone, the d-beat drums and the overall punkish feel. Revolting Rogga’s vocals are also stellar, bringing in a tinge of Bloodbath as well with his deep, throaty growls reminding listeners of a fusion between Dan Swano’s and Mikael Akerfeldt’s vocals. The album might have the best overall production for this project to date, nearly on par with Rogga’s higher profile Demiurg. Hymns Of Ghastly Horror are often rather straightforward, with the aims of the band to simply bulldoze whoever stands in their way in under the 36 minutes that is contained on the album. It might not be anything out of the ordinary but it’s solid entertainment.

Track list:
1. The Mother Of Darkness
2. Their Thoughts Can Kill!
3. Ravenous Alien Spawn
4. Lair Of The Black Queen
5. The Thing That C.H.U.D. Not Be
6. Psychoplasmics
7. Prey To Katahdin
8. Kinderfeeder
9. The Hatchet Murders

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