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Rhapsody -Dawn Of Victory cd box [A5]


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Reduced price due to cd one having hairline marks

Limited deluxe A5 size 68-page booklet with bonus cd. Limited to 20 000 copies

Coming out of the neo-classical, theatric, fantasy-oriented school of prog metal is Rhapsody. Their style, while definitely way over the top, is rather above and beyond a lot of their ilk due to quite authentic classical/operatic elements. These elements include orchestral sections and choir-type vocal portions. Their brand of metal is certainly not lacking, though, with great intricacy, speed, and skill. The arrangements are very well done. If fantasy-oriented prog metal is your flavor, then this album is for you. It is one of the best of that style.

Track listing:
1. Lux Triumphans
2. Dawn Of Victory
3. Triumph For My Magic Steel
4. The Village Of Dwarves
5. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
6. The Bloody Rage
7. Holy Thunderforce
8. Trolls In The Dark
9. The Last Winged Unicorn
10. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord
11. Guardians-Helloween cover
12. The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord-edit
13. Holy Thunderforce-alternate version
14. Triumph For My Magic Steel-alternate version
15. Holy Thunderforce-video
16. Epicus Furor Emerald Sword-video
17. Wisdom Of The Kings-video
18. Algalord chronicles part 1-3
19. Photo gallery
20. Track commentary
21. History
22. Screensaver

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LMP (Limb Music Production)

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LMP 0010-023 DCD