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Rhapsody -Holy Thunderforce mcd


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Holy Thunderforce is the first taster from Rhapsodys third full length album Dawn Of Victory. The title track on this mini album is a fairly typical, fast Rhapsody song. It is followed by two non-album tracks, Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain: one of Rhapsody’s heavier songs. The best of the three included on this EP, it presents a good structure that includes both melodic choruses and solid riffs, with nice harpsichord, flute, synth, piano, and violin portions and Rage Of Winter a track that brings us back to the climactic choral/orchestral compositions of Symphony Of Enchanted Lands. If I were to ignore my bias against the purpose of singles, I’d say this was at least a good representation of Dawn Of Victory. However, If you like Rhapsody, you would’ve purchased the full album and should just skip this single since it offers nothing very exclusive. Their music is too great to own just three songs without missing out.

Track list:
1. Holy Thunderforce
2. Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain-extended version
3. Rage Of The Winter-Orchestral version

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