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Riot -Inishmore dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 4 bonus tracks

Riot manages to accomplish something here that’s quite hard – a heavy metal album that manages to exhibit own age without resorting to complete riff bludgeoner. The name sounds Celtic or Irish amd the opening track ‘Black Water’ really gives it this Irish feel with the fiddle. Mike DiMeo’s vocals are neither shrieky nor over the top, but his ability to sing is unquestioned. This is a power metal album that is completely melodic without becoming flowery. The guitar work is excellent, and the riffs definitely stand out and are memorable, and are not lost in wankery or 480 beat-per-minute flowery geigh Sonata Craptica horseshit.

Track listing:
1. Black Water
2. Angel Eyes
3. Liberty
4. Kings Are Falling
5. The Man
6. Watching the Signs
7. Should I Run
8. Cry For The Dying
9. Turning The Hands Of Time
10. 15 Rivers
11. Red Reign
12. Gypsy
13. Irish Trilogy
a) Forsaken Heart
b) Inishmore
c) Danny Boy
14. 15 Rivers-acoustic demo

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