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Riot -Through The Storm dlp


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2017 press. Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 5 bonus tracks.

Twenty-five years after their first release, it wouldn’t be right to simply dismiss Riot as aging ’80s metal hacks. It’s true that the music on 2002’s Through The Storm is dated and uncomfortably dramatic, but new underground movements (especially in Europe) made this approach to metal hip again in the late ’90s. After considering Riot’s history, Through The Storm actually makes a lot of sense. All of this group’s best recordings have a unique stylistic twist. Reshaping the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and later power metal forms with bluesy arena rock overtones became a Riot specialty over the years, and they do it again on this 2002 offering. Too often Riot gets tossed into the ’80s also-rans-caught-in-a-time-warp category. Old-school metalheads who know the difference between this talented New York outfit and the likes of XYZ and Danger Danger probably won’t agree with such a description. Sure, they’re no Iron Maiden, and Through The Storm isn’t exactly significant, but it’s respectable, and fans of the band will enjoy it.

Track listing:
1. Turn The Tables
2. Lost Inside This World
3. Chains (Revolving)
4. Through The Storm
5. Let It Show
6. Burn The Sun
7. To My Head
8. Essential Enemies
9. Somebody
10. Only You Can Rock Me-UFO cover
11. Isle of Shadows
12. Here Comes the Sun-George Harrison cover
13. Follow You-demo
14. Army Of One-instrumental
15. Shine-instrumental
16. Blinded-instrumental

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