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Riotor / Vae Victis –An Oath Of Steel cd


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Blackened thrashers Riotor from Canada and Vae Victis from Germany have joined forces on this split release entitled An Oath Of Steel. Each band delivers 4 songs each, 3 own penned tracks and one cover. Riotors contributions features a cover of the of their countrymen Sacrifice tune Forward To Termination / Terror Strikes while Vae Victis blasts out Evil Warriors from Possessed. If you want your metal raw then this is the disc for you

Track list:
1. Riotor -Bloodless War
2. Riotor -United Metal Maniacs
3. Riotor -Story Of Blood
4. Riotor -Forward To Termination / Terror Strikes-Sacrifice cover
5. Vae Victis -The Green
6. Vae Victis -Evil Warriors-Possessed cover
7. Vae Victis -666 Rise Hell Tonight
8. Vae Victis -From Mortal To Wrath

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