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Risk –Turpitude lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 numbered copies

German thrash metal act Risk wa formed as Faithful Breath already back in the late 60s. They evolved from a progressive rock act to heavy metal and when in the mid 80s they started playing thrash metal they changed their name to Risk. They made three well worth checking out thrash opus up to 1990 and then the climate for thrash metal started to change. Many bands were trying out new things in the early 90s. Metallica black album, Kreator Renewal and Exodus Force Of Habit for exampe doesnt sound like the bands previous albums. Risk also changed the speed on their tracks and released they more modern groovy, The Reborn, album. It was still thrash metal but more mid-paced and more commercial friendly, like for example Megadeth’s Countdown To Extinction. The end result was still a great album. However a year later it was time for Turpitude and album and it was an album that was the conclusion of decades of development. The band had gone far from their 60s roots and had showed that they were a band that were always on the move and always checking out new territories. Turpitude offered even more density, congenial compression and gloom and the album was even more diverst then The Rebon. Classic doom à la Black Sabbath that met Thrash of the most demanding category. Unfortunately the band lost it audience with this album. It was not just about the album in itself it was also that in 1993 metal was very much out to date. This album is very multilayered and let it rotate several times and you will find several pearls among the tracks. The band were gone after this but the saga of the monkey, crocodile, hippo, piranha and Ratman will always live on among thrash metal lovers.

Track list:
1. Cry
2. Materialized
3. Not True
4. The Day Will Come
5. So Weird
6. Hopeless Ground
7. And We Don’t Care
8. Squeeze My Skulls & Brain
9. Show No Mercy
10. Serious Mysterious (The Great Beast Speaks)

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