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Riverside ‎–The Piece Reflecting The Mental State shaped pic disc


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Shaped picture disc with inlay card. Limited to 400 numbered copies

Drawn together by a shared love of heavy metal and progressive rock, Riverside emerged in the early 2000s in Warsaw, Poland. Founded by mutual friends who intended to use their backgrounds in metal to explore new territory in prog rock along the lines of Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Tool, the quartet began creating spacious and experimental music with a metal edge. Even before their first record was finished, Riverside began to experience creative differences. A self titled demo was recorded in 2003 and shipped out mostly to get gigs and a record deal. Most of the tracks from that demo was later re-recorded for the bands debut album. However this instrumental piece wasn’t. The band would then re-recorded this during their Second Life Syndrome studio session in 2005 and released as a B-side on the Conceiving You cd single. This instrumental track is in the Dream Theater vain, with all over the place keyboards and guitar solos, fast pace and tricky time signatures. It is short, quite entertaining, technical (but not extremely so) and it was hard to fit it onto any of the Riverside albums so that’s why it ended up on the cd single only. Now it makes its debut on vinyl on this shaped picture disc. All Riverside musicians are highly proficient at their respective instruments, the production is excellent so all the instruments can be heard perfectly and the sound is powerful.

Track list:
1. The Piece Reflecting The Mental State Of One Of The Members Of Our Band

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