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Rogga Johansson ‎–A Collection Of Morbidity dcd


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Enveloping the ear with old schoool death metal and confronting the mind with paranormal and post-apocalyptic themes, A Collection Of Morbidity is a double album wich squalls upon and consumes the senses until its corruptive deed is done. Across almost forty rampaging furnaces of crushing intensity and debilitating firss in all songs, in about one hour and a half, Collection Of Morbidity is pure death metal in a compilation of Rogga Johansson’s bands, featuring tracks from Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, Revolting, Those Who Bring The Torture, Carve, Bloodgut and Dead Sun

Track list:
1. Paganizer -Scandinavian Warmachine
2. Paganizer -Colder
3. Paganizer -Among The Unknown Dead
4. Paganizer -Just Here Rotting
5. Paganizer -Army Of Maggots
6. Paganizer -Flesh Collection
7. Paganizer -No Divine Rapture
8. Paganizer -Landscapes Made Of Human Skin
9. Paganizer -Flesh Supremacy
10. Paganizer -Meateater
11. Paganizer -Mourning Life
12. Paganizer -Cyclone Of Human Atrocity
13. Paganizer -All Hope Is Dead
14. Ribspreader -The Cleaner And Mr Filth
15. Ribspreader -None Has Survived
16. Ribspreader -Corpse Dumpster
17. Ribspreader -Autopsy Obsessed
18. Ribspreader -Maggots Fucking Maggots
19. Ribspreader -Dead Forever
20. Ribspreader -Heavenless
21. Demiurg -Resurrecting The Rotting
22. Demiurg -The Convulse Meridian
23. Demiurg -Flesh festival
24. Demiurg -City Of 18
25. Revolting -Hell In Dunwich
26. Revolting -Dr Freudstein
27. Revolting -The Grip Of Death
28. Revolting -Rise Of The Revolter
29. Revolting -Tenafly Viper
30. Revolting – Moonshine Mutation
31. Those We Bring The Torture -The City Where Death Dwells
32. Those We Bring The Torture -The Thing In The Lake
33. Those We Bring The Torture -Love Machine
34. Those We Bring The Torture -You Should Be Brutallu Slaughtered
35. Those We Bring The Torture -Drudgery At The Graveyard
36. Those We Bring The Torture -Murdered Thrice
37. Carve -Millenium
38. Bloodgut -Church Of The Zombie
39. Dead Sun -We Are Nothing

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