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Roksnax lp [brown]


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2017 re-issue on brown vinyl with gatefold cover featuring recollections of the recordings from each band documenting the tough conditions, ghosts in the studio and the magic being recorded. Limited 250 copies

By the end of 1980 the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was in full swing and many of the landmark records by bands such as Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Saxon, Iron Maiden and many others had been released. Still hundreds of new young hopefuls were honing their craft and paying their dues in the garages and clubs all over the UK. Fortunately the movement featured numerous samplers that showcased some of the best young talent of the time with their most impressive numbers. Legendary Compilations such as Metal for Muthas I and II, New Electric Warriors and Metal Explosion to name just a few. To us though the very best compilation was actually a three way split by the name of Roksnax. The record which was originally supposed to be a four way split (Hellanbach pulled out of the project) but was released with four tracks each from the legendary Hollow Ground, Saracen (not the band who released Heroes Saints and fools on Nucleus in 1981) featuring the soaring vocals of Lou Taylor, later of Satan/Blind Fury and Samurai (not the Ebony records act). All twelve tracks were recorded and mixed within 72 hours and features the best of NWOBHM. Hear the magic of Hollow Ground, the early speed metal of Saracen and the heroic Samurai, each of the twelve song smokes!!!

Track list:
1. Samurai -Die Or Deliver
2. Hollow Ground -Rock On
3. Saracen -Speed Of Sound
4. Hollow Ground – Fight With The Devil
5. Samurai -Temptress
6. Saracen -Fast Living
7. Hollow Ground -Flying High
8. Saracen -Feel Just The Same
9. Samurai -Knights In Painted Castles
10. Hollow Ground -The Holy One
11. Samurai -Spirits Of The Lost
12. Saracen -Setting The World Ablaze

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Buried By Time And Dust

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DUST 047

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