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Rolling Stones –Bright Lights Big City lp


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Reduced price due to cover being vg and vinyl vg+

Mega rare 1975 press on Berkeley Records

When, back in 1973, the original Bright Lights Big City album appeared on flea markets and under the counter of record shops, Stones affectionados worldwide held their breath: Untike other underground albums of numerous live concert and radio broadcast recordings (sometimes misinterpreted as studio outtakes), Bright Lights Big City offered a fascinating insight into the Rolling Stones legacy of unreleased studio recordings. Rumours among fans that the Stones recording history had more to offer than the commercially released material suddenly became fact. This was not the well-known official stuff, recycled countless times on often lacklustre compilation albums, but material never heard before: The first-ever studio demos of the Stones line-up which became famous, recorded at London’s IBC Studios in early 1963 (though not the first-ever Stones studio recordings at all, but that’s a different story because these were recorded by an early line-up) and unreleased outtakes from their legendary Chess Chicago and RCA Hollywood sessions in 1964/65. From first listening it became quite clear why these tracks never saw the light of day: Despite their artistic quality, Decca Records obviously thought they were either too rough and under-produced and/or simply not commercial enough to fit in the context of their official releases and marketing strategy. On the other hand, the IBC demos in particular are a far more authentic and accurate document of the Stones sound at the beginning of their career – and tha’s what makes them so historically important. Furthermore, the Chess and RCA outtakes demonstrate that, despite the more commercial development of their official releases and despite all the hype around the group, the Stones never forgot their Blues roots. And ever nowadays, they still take their inspiration from their musical roots. Probably that’s the reason why they’re still rolling on, not being satisfied by sheer commercial success? Back then you had to look behind the wall o well-polished official releases when you wanted to search for the buried treasures. Bright Lights Big City was one of them

Track list:
1. Diddley Daddy-from IBC Studios London 11th March 1963
2. Road Runner-from IBC Studios London 11th March 1963
3. Bright Lights, Big City-from IBC Studios London 11th March 1963
4. I Want To Be Loved-from IBC Studios London 11th March 1963
5. Baby What’s Wrong-from IBC Studios London 11th March 1963
6. Stewed And Keefed-Chess Studios, Chicago 10th June 1964
7. Hi-Heel Sneakers-Chess Studios, Chicago 11th June 1964
8. Tell Me Baby-Chess Studios, Chicago 11th June 1964
9. Down In The Bottom-Chess Studios, Chicago 11th June 1964
10. Looking Tired-RCA Studios, Los Angeles 6th September 1965
11. Tumbling Dice-version 1-Rialto Theatre, Montreux 8th May 1972
12. Tumbling Dice-version 2-Rialto Theatre, Montreux 8th May 1972
13. Bluesberry Jam-Rialto Theatre, Montreux 8th May 1972
14. Shake Your Hips-Rialto Theatre, Montreux 8th May 1972

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