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Rollins Band -Starve cds


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1997 cd single

When I turn my back and walk away I never come back

American rock band Rollins Band fronted by the outspoken Henry Rollins, former vocalist for Black flag, was active between 1987 and 2006. Their music can be anything between funk, punk, jazz, noise and hardcore but its always uncompromising and intense with an angry Rollins behind the microphone spitting out self-examinations and accusations. 1996 was a rough year for the band as they were fiting a legal battle against their label Imago Records. And Henry Rollins claimed fraud, deceit, undue influence and economic coercion on the label’s part. The band got themselves a new label and returned in 1997 with Come And Burn. The track Starve was released as a single and it was a minor hit and got the band on Saturday Night Live. However, Come In And Burn was not as successful as their previous album Weight and, after touring for Burn, Rollins dissolved the group, citing creative stagnation.

Track list:
1. Starve
2. Stray
3. Threshold

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