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Rose Tattoo ‎–Nice Boys Live 82 dvd


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Not even 40 minutes in running time and a quality that match your 80s vhs but dont let any of this overshadow the pure fact that you need this. Recorded live at the Sevoy Centre in Cork back in 1982 with the band in its prime. Sure it was a cracking period in their history. They had one of their strongest line-ups and the chemistry between the band members is marvelous to behold. Unfortunately there arent much material available with this band back from these days so to see this TV broadcast is a bit of a music treasure where every second is a pure joy. A first class performance from the greatest of all Australian bands.

Track list:
1. Bad Boy For Love
2. Assault And Battery
3. Tramp
4. The Butcher And Fast Eddy
5. Rock N Roll Is King
6. Nice Boys

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