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Rotting Christ –Khronos cd [promo]


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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectible releases

German promo cd in cardboard sleeve.

After devoting their previous two albums to exploring more accessible and intensely gothic sounds (without ever quite selling out, mind you), Greece’s favorite sons Rotting Christ decided it was time to revisit the ferocious brutality of their raw primordial origins with 2000’s Khronos — or at least portions of it. On the one hand, surprisingly blackened thrash-outs like Thou Art Blind and Aeternatus raged with a vicious aggression not heard since the group’s uncompromising 1993 debut, Thy Mighty Contract. On the other, less frenzied and insinuatingly melodic offerings like My Sacred Path, Art of Sin, and the title track retained the lessons learned during that recent discovery period, with largely positive results (a cover of Current 93’s Lucifer Over London proved more divisive of fan opinions). And somewhere in the middle, balanced efforts like If It Ends Tomorrow and Fateless tapped into both extremes in ways reminiscent of the band’s best work on 1994’s Non Serviam and 1996’s Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers. So would future offerings, in fact, as Rotting Christ continued to experiment with different musical styles and influences, while keeping their boots firmly grounded in their much-loved black metal foundations.

Track listing:
1. Thou Art Blind
2. If It Ends Tomorrow
3. My Sacred Path
4. Aeturnatus
5. Art Of Sin
6. Lucifer Over London
7. Law Of The Serpent
8. You Are I
9. Khronos
10. Fateless
11. Time Stand Still
12. Glory Of Sadness

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