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Rotting Christ -Thanatiphoro Anthologio dcd


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Thanatiphoro Anthologio (Deadly Anthology in Greek) is a compilation album spanning the entire career of the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. The album features two discs of fan favorites, demo rarities, archived photos, and an in depth article of praise from AnneMarie Bowman of Metal Maniacs magazine.

Track list:
1. The Nereid Of Esgalduin-from Satanas Tedeum 1989
2. The Mystical Meeting-from Passage To Arcturo 1991
3. Fgmenth Thy Gift-from Ades Winds 1992
4. The Fourth Knight Of Revelation-from Ades Winds 1992
5. The Sign Of Evil Existence-from Thy Mighty Contract 1993
6. Non Serviam-from Non Serviam 1994
7. King Of A Stellar War-from Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers 1996
8. Archon-from Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers 1996
9. Shadows Follow-from Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers 1996
10. Sorrowfull Farewell-from A Dead Poem 1997
11. Semigod-from A Dead Poem 1997
12. Out Of Spirits-from A Dead Poem 1997
13. Der Perfekte Traum-from Sleep Of The Angels 1999
14. After Dark I Feel-from Sleep Of The Angels 1999
15. Cold Colours-from Sleep Of The Angels 1999
16. Thou Art Blind-from Khronos 2000
17. You Are I-from Khronos 2000
18. In Domine Sathana-from Genesis 2002
19. Quintessence-from Genesis 2002
20. Under The Name Of Legion-from Genesis 2002
21. Athanati Este-from Sanctus Diavolos 2004
22. You My Cross-from Sanctus Diavolos 2004
23. Keravnos Kivernitos-from Theogonia 2007
24. Nemecic-from Theogonia 2007

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