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Roxette ‎–Run To You cds


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Original 1994 Dutch cd single

Run To You was the fourth single from Roxette’s album Crash! Boom! Bang!. The song charted moderately in several territories, peaking at number 20 in Finland, while reaching the top forty in Belgium, Scotland, Switzerland and the UK. Run To You was the duo’s final single to chart in the top fifty of the Australian Singles Chart, peaking at number 49. The single contains one B-side: a demo titled Don’t Believe in Accidents, which was written by Gessle on 29 March 1988 as a way to “learn how to use my new synthesizer. I wrote another one as well, probably the same day… that was The Look. A decent Tuesday.”

Track list:
1. Run To You
2. Don’t Believe In Accidents-demo 1988
3. Crash! Boom! Bang!-demo 1993
4. Almost Unreal-demo 1993

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EMI Records

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7243 8 65129 2 5 / 8651292