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Roxin Palace -S/t cd


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These Italian sleaze peddlers, with members from Revoltons and Elvenking, make Ratt sound more like hamsters. A modern toughness a bit like Hardcore Superstar underpins their obvious fondness for the sleaze scene of the LA Strip back in the 80s. These guys don’t use an eye-liner pencil to put on their black mascara, they use their middle finger. The band rock out like Skid Row on their self-titled track, a foul-mouthed party anthem with good gang chant chorus, a trick that they repeat throughout the record. They then come on like the debauched Mötley Crüe on Wildest Party and Relaxin Shock 108 has the snake-hipped groove of Lynch Mob. Overall this is a a good start, not as polished as, say CrashDiet, but it does have a scuzzy allure.

Track list:
1. Roxin Palace
2. Wildest Party
3. Relaxin Shock 108°
4. We Are Losing Both
5. Vipers Advice
6. Gothic L.A.
7. Empty Virus
8. Collapsin Parks
9. Modern Middle Ages
10. Tears On The Road

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SAOL 114