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Ruler –Descent Into Hades cd


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Ruler from Milan was formed in 2010 and their third album, Descent Into Hades, shows a band that has quite an interesting formula och hard hitting heavy metal with galloping licks fuelled into a blistering barrage of frenzied finesse. Frontman Daniele “DFV” Valentini delivers a consistently complex flair of high-pitched pipes that scream with vengeful virtue. With a great mix of the traditional NWOBHM sound and the US power metal and the first Queensryche album you have a result that really is a cracking album, delivered with passion and one hundred percent infectious.

Track list:
1. Black Hand
2. Queen of Danger
3. Airstrip 1
4. Melanie
5. Descent into Hades
6. Prisoners in Hell
7. The Shunt
8. Alibi

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Punishment 18 Records

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P18R 150

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