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Runemagick -Into Desolate Realms lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 250 copies

They probably don’t need an introduction but Runemagick is a Swedish death/doom band that formed way back in 1990 as Desiderius before changing their name. Into Desolate Realms, is their thirteenth studio album. With such a long career, does the band still have what it takes to bring the Doom? Hell yes they do. The opening track, Remnants Of The Old, is one that perfectly sets up the rest of the album. The atmosphere is hellish with a cloud of impending doom hanging over it all. When Nicklas growls out the track’s title with his deep growls, the full force of the band hits. It is one of the shorter tracks but also one of the most effective for setting the album’s mood. The band have crafted a near perfect death/doom album that hits that sweet spot of extremely dark music that also has a keen eye on composition and song writing. If you are a fan of doom, especially the kind with elements of death metal, this one better be near the top of your list.

Track list:
1. Remnants Of The Old
2. Into Desolate Realms
3. The Opening Of Dead Gates
4. Sorceress Reburned
5. Decay To Nothing
6. In The Sign Of The Dragon Star
7. Necromancer Of The Red Sun
8. After The Sepulchral Lava
9. Requiem Beyond The Stars
10. Wolves Of Nocturnal Light
11. Ash And Silence

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