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Runemagick -The Opening Of Dead Gates mlp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 250 copies

While it is fair after oh-so-many band and project ventures to call Nicklas Terror Rudolfsson (of Sacramentum, Heavydeath, Deathwitch fame, to list but a few of his outlets) a jack of all trades, one name has remained constant throughout his more or less 30 years as a mainstay in extreme metal: Runemagick. Founded in 1990 (at first as Desiderius) as a short-lived solo affair that ended four demos and three years later, Nicklas took up the moniker for a full band that still underwent countless line-up changes with several well-known names from the Swedish scene going through the revolving door. What it is today has seen members from bands such as Dissection, Nifelheim or Katatonia within its folds but now circles around its leader and his wife Emma. The four tracks on this 2019 mini album are an epitome of constancy, displaying Runemagick’s old strengths in connection with arguably their strongest songwriting to date. The Opening Of Dead Gates is the catchiest tune and has a fitting title to begin with, says the frontman. As for the lyrical content, Rudolfsson generally wants to leave it to the listener to interpret what he writes for themselves, so the stomping Requiem Beyond The Stars could adress the sleeping masses, the herd of sheep, so to say, but also those unknown to us who existed in other dimensions hundreds of thousands of years ago. At the centre doubtlessly stands twelve-minute monster Wolves Of Nocturnal Light, drawing as much from Terror’s contemporaries in the early Scandinavian movement as from more epic, older neighbours like Candlemass or Bathory. (Moon Is The Portal To Death – Part II). Needless to say it is exclusive to the EP as all the other tracks.

Track list:
1. The Opening Of Dead Gates
2. Requiem Beyond The Stars
3. Wolves Of Nocturnal Light (The Moon Is The Portal To Death Part II)
4. Ash And Silence

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