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Ruinas / Chaosbringer –Split mlp


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Black vinyl with two posters and printed innersleeve

Split album between Russian death metal act Chaosbringer and Argentina act Ruinas. Ruinas is a heavy stenchcore crust act from Buenos Aires that delivers some sort of death metal that could be compared to Axegrinder, ripping crustcore madness. Chaosbringer is a Bolt Thrower worshipping old school death metal act that among other tracks performs a Nunslaughter cover.

Track list:
1. Ruinas -Intro
2. Ruinas -Despojarnos
3. Ruinas -Muerte
4. Ruinas -Venganza
5. Ruinas -Sitio
6. Chaosbringer -Immersion In Darkness
7. Chaosbringer -Corrupted Reality
8. Chaosbringer -Impale The Soul-Nunslaughter cover

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Neanderthal-Stench Records / Nero One Records

Catalogue Number

NS054 / NER010

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