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Running Death ‎–Dressage cd


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DressAge is so freaking full of exploratory and extrapolative face-peeling riffs as well as overloaded with odd, quirky nuances and embellishments so it just need to be heard. Hailing from Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, frontman/ axe man Simon Bihlmayer, bassist Andrej Ramich and drummer Jakob Weikmann get this blitzing circus on the road with “Courageous Mind”, a jazzy Megadeth/Testament slit-throat dirge which reels in the intrigued listener like a swarthy barker at the Freak Show. Admittedly, Bihlmayer’s rough-around-the edges rasps and gruff exordiums are surely not the high point to Running Death but as inferred, the exciting and innovative instrumentation is something else! Dig the liberating sundry of a neo-classical solo at 02:47 or how an unabated, joyful chorus wraps things up before exiting the stage for “Dressage” proper, which gashed me a new one with its Suicidal Tendencies vibe, slick guitar chops and soaring power-chords. A rumbling Oscar the Grouch evoking bass solo bridges the gap to more of this track’s captivating main riff and arpeggios before soaring ever higher with a highly dexterous and emotional Marty Friedman style lead break. This release makes me think of refrigerated clinical thrash as their underlying tones and song constructs are anything but warm; rather, the riffs, bass lines and drum beats syncretise in a somewhat disjointed, clunky fashion yet still manage to flow without a hitch, even on the spastic Delusive Silence. This is a thrash metal album worth checking out

Track list:
1. Courageus Minds
2. Dreassage
3. Delusive Silence
4. Heroes Of The Hour
5. Duty Of Beauty
6. Numbers
7. Beneath The Surface
8. Anthem Of Madness-instrumental
9. Safety Second
10. Refuse To Kill

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Punishment 18 Records

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P18R 128

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