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Running Wild ‎–Metal Til Death lp [gold]


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Gold vinyl. Limited 500 copies

This strictly limited Running Wild album features a rare recording from the Teichweger Rock Festival 1983, which took place at the Haus Der Juged in Techwek on the 26th of March 1983. To have such an early live recording by this band is amazing and Running Wild fans will love this one as its gives a huge insight on the early days of the band. With its 9 tracks its well worth your money and I promise you the more you hear from the band, the more you’ll admire them.

Track list:
1. Walpurgis Night (The Sign Of Womens Fight)
2. Delivered From Sin
3. Running Wild
4. Ghenghis Khan
5. Bones To Ashes
6. Metal til Death
7. Iron Heads
8. Purgatory
9. Chains And Leather