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Running Wild -Bad To The Bone shape


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Shape picture disc with inlay card. Limited 500 numbered copies

Bad To The Bone was released as a single from Running Wild’s album Death Or Glory, which might be the pinnacle of the bands career as it is one of the best heavy speed metal albums ever made, the vocals, lyricism, drumming and guitar/bass playing here have no equal in their later or earlier efforts. It is a simply outstanding, passionate and epic project of legendary proportions, one of such albums that can be correctly labeled a classic. Maybe no other genre than heavy metal rely as much on a great opening and main riff. If you listen to Bad To The Bone then you will hear a a classic Priest riff and solo. And Rolf has written some political oriented lyrics where he basically calls out world leaders for the lying, corrupt bastards they are. Rolf’s voice is top of the line and as i said the track has some lethal fretwork and the chorus is anthemic catchy. The single also features another killer tune from the album, The Battle Of Waterloo, and the single exclusive March On. All three tracks represent the maturity of the band and the overall sound of the new album. This is a must have single. Death or glory? Well this is glory. Absolute glory

Track list:
1. Bad To The Bone
2. The Battle Of Waterloo
3. March On

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