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Original German Noise 90s pressing

Though not nearly as good as their occult debut classic, ‘Branded And Exiled’ is a fine, solid metal album with a raw and aggressive sound, but a bit better production then the debut. This album, like its predecessor, is a mix of speedy and slow tracks, with really simplistic riffing and structures. The speedier tracks include Gods of Iron, Fight the Oppression, Marching to Die (and maybe Realm of Shades). They’re all similar in feel, with similar riffs and fun shout-along choruses. Get this album if you are a fan of Running Wild or old German metal in general, ‘cause then you will find it enjoyable, but don’t get it if you are new to Running Wild. It’s far from their best.

‘We are right, praying metal tonight. The message from hell and its spell. Even Satan wears leather, our souls to it forever. So let us pray our rules tonight. Chains & leather’

Track listing:
1. Branded And Exiled
2. Gods Of Iron
3. Realm Of Shades
4. Mordor
5. Fight The Opression
6. Evil Spirit
7. Marching To Die
8. Chains And Leather

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N 0030-3