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Running Wild -Gates To Purgatory cd


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2017 digipak re-issue with 8 bonus tracks

Running Wilds debut album ‘Gates To Purgatory’ is among the essential classics of ‘Heavy Metal made in Germany’. Every fan of German quality steel has to own this killer, no excuses! Already back then the Hamburg based hell soldiers had their own, inimitable style, but a lot straighter and also rougher than on the following releases. But the band neither sped through their battle hymns on mach 3 speed, no, they always had variety on offer. Besides ultra speedies such as ‘Adrian S.O.S.’ we also get slower song like ‘Preacher’, slow, but damn heavy. Basically every song is perfect to sing/shout along and bang your head. Other classics are ‘Prisoner Of Our Time’, ‘Genghis Khan’ as well as the ultimate hymn ‘Diabolic Force’.

Track listing:
1. Victim Of States Power
2. Black Demon
3. Preacher
4. Soldiers Of Hell
5. Diabolical Force
6. Adrian (Son Of Satan)
7. Genghis Khan
8. Prisoner Of Our Time
9. Chains And Leather-from Rock From Hell compilation
10. Adrian-from Rock From Hell compilation
11. Walpurgis Night
12. Satan
13. Iron Heads-from Death Metal compilation
14. Bones To Ashes-from Death Metal compilation
15. Soldiers Of Hell-1991 version
16. Prisoner Of Our Time-1991 version

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BMG Records / Noise Records

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