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Running Wild -Little Big Horn shape


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Shape picture disc with inlay card. Limited 500 numbered copies

The track Little Big Horn is one of the best tracks on the album Blazon Stone. Everything about this track I can only praise; the war-like drumming, Rolf’s contagious vocals, the slick riffs – everything Running Wild could possibly nail right was done for that song. It’s such a soulful track with not only a backstory, but also the effect of making you imitate playing every instrument involved in the song. Whether it’s stomping drum bass pedals while escorting the tempo with flourishing bass lines or perfecting riffs and jumping around the neck to catch up with ascending solos (all while attempting Rolf’s over-achieving vocals), you’ll love every second of it. The two following tracks are exclusive for this single and weren’t on the original pressing of the album. ‘Billy The Kid’ starts off awkwardly as you have no idea what’s going on, but then the opening really kicks in with a blazing harmony and everything’s back to normal. The production, akin to Blazon Stone, means we get to hear Jens Becker’s fabulous bass lines running up and down the rhythm. This style is more like the main album, but you don’t feel the full extent of the atmosphere. Rolfs Maiden-like guitar attack and his non-operatic wailing go hand in hand like bread and butter, but that doesn’t mean this song shows them in perfect agreement. ‘Genocide’ is a respectable Thin Lizzy cover which makes great use of that wretched Judas Priest guitar tone. The riffs are burly and raw in comparison to the album’s imperialistic tracks. No joy in this track– just the American old-west, which was quite a soiled place to live in.

Track listing:
1. Little Big Horn
2. Billy The Kid
3. Genocide-Thin Lizzy cover

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