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Running Wild -Pile Of Skulls dcd


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2017 re-issue in digipak with bonus cd

One of Running Wild’s strongest efforts, Pile of Skulls combines the group’s trademark pirate subject matter with a unifying concept about corruption and abuse of power through history. It’s perhaps a bit too ambitious, but there are enough strong songs here to justify the approach.

Track listing:
1. Chamber Of Lies
2. Whirlwind
3. Sinister Eyes
4. Black Wings Of Death
5. Fistful Of Dynamite
6. Roaring Thunder
7. Pile Of Skulls
8. Lead Or Gold
9. White Buffalo
10. Jennings Revenge
11. Treasure Island
12. Beggars Night-alternative version
13. Hanged, Drawn And Quartered
14. Win Or Be Drowned
15. Uaschitsehun 92
16. Whirlwind-2003 version
17. Treasure Island-2003 version

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