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S.O.D (Stormtroopers Of Death) – Bigger Than The Devil


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Fourteen years later, S.O.D. finally returns with its second studio album, and they're still as subtle as a sledgehammer both musically and lyrically, which is good news for Speak English or Die devotees. Bigger Than the Devil keeps the group's power-drill sonic attack going full speed ahead, mosh-worthy riffs slamming into an occasional nod to (or, more often, parody of) death metal. Although much of the metal world has caught up to S.O.D.'s innovations — fusing hardcore and metal was something of a standard practice in the late '90s — S.O.D. still do it better than the competition, thanks in large part to the fact that they simply have more musical chops; plus, since most alternative metal bands tend to ignore speed metal, it's refreshing to hear the influence creeping in as part of a larger sound. The lyrics skewer pop-culture figures, political correctness, prejudice, and various social concerns, and although the over-the-top humor again isn't for everyone, the occasional racist and sexist undertones have been done away with this time out (not that S.O.D. is anything but politically incorrect). For fans of the first record, Bigger Than the Devil is well worth the wait, and it sounds contemporary enough to win the group some new fans as well. Track listing: 1. Bigger Than The Devil 2. The Crackhead Song 3. Kill The Assholes 4. Monkeys Rule 5. Skool Bus 6. King At The King- Evil Is In 7. Black War 8. Cletic Frosted Flakes 9. Charlie Don't Cheat 10. The Song That Don't Go Fast 11. Shenanigans 12. Dog On The Tracks 13. Xerox 14. Make Room, Make Room 15. Free Dirty Needles 16. Fugu 17. Noise Thats What 18. We All Bleed Red 19. Frankenstein And His Horse 20. Every Tiny Molecule 21. Aren't You Hungry? 22. L.A.T.K.C.H. 23. Ballad Of Michael H. 24. Ballad Of Phil H. 25. Moment Of Truth

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