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S.O.D (Stormtroopers Of Death) – Speak English Or Die


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S.O.D.'s Speak English or Die was an important record in the fusion of hardcore punk with thrash and speed metal, making even more explicit the connections that Anthrax's music implied. The tone of the music is crushingly loud, fast, and aggressive, but not at all serious — the record is filled with goofy, macho humor, some of which holds up well (i.e., the three-second "Anti-Procrastination Song," an ode to "Milk") and some of which is quite racist and sexist. However, the music blasts by at such a frenetic pace (22 tracks in under half an hour) that the more offensive lyrics are often incomprehensible, so some may find them easier to ignore. Still, it's the loud-fast-rules music that made an impact, and mosh fans will quickly understand why. 1992 cd release with one bonus track taken from the Megavult compilation album Track listing: 1. March Of The S.O.D. 2. Sergeant D And The S.O.D. 3. Kill Yourself 4. Milano Mosh 5. Speak English Or Die 6. United Forces 7. Chromatic Death 8. Pi Alpha Nu 9. Anti-Procrastination Song 10. What's The Noise 11. Freddy Kruger 12. Milk 13. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues 14. Pussy Whipped 15. Fist Banging Mania 16. No Turning Back 17. Fuck the Middle East 18. Douche Crew 19. Hey Gordy! 20. Ballad of Jimi Hendrix 21. Diamonds and Rust-extended version 22. Ram It Up

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