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Sabaton ‎–Аtaka Меptbeyob mlp [russian]


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Rare Russian version on splatter vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 666 copies

This live version of The Attack Of The Dead Men features Radio Tapok. The song was recorded during the band’s recent concert in Moscow. Radio Tapok is a Russian artist who gained popularity by covering a plethora of famous rock and metal songs in Russian. He has a huge following in Russian speaking countries with millions of fans and subscribers across a range of social networks. Radio Tapok has previously released a cover of the song The Attack Of The Dead Men with the lyrics translated to Russian. During the concerts of Sabaton in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Radio Tapok made an unannounced surprise appearance on stage and performed the song with the band. The unique live performance was recorded in Moscow and has been mixed by Jonas Kjellgren who is also the person behind the mixing and recording of The Great War. The song tells the story of Osowiec Fortress and a battle during World War 1 where the forces of imperial Germany used chlorine gas against the Russian defenders who had no protection against gas and had to wrap wet clothes around their faces in desperation. They were not expected to survive and that is why their counter attack was so surprising and successful. Wrapped in bloody cloth and coughing blood, they charged and the legend of the attack of the dead men was born.

Track list:
1. The Attack Of The Dead Men-live in Moscow featuring Radio Tapok
2. The Attack Of The Dead Men-History version

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