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Sabaton ‎–40:1 cds


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Very rare Polish only cd single

40:1 was one of the faster songs on The Art Of War and its a lyrical ode to the Polish resistance who fought the Nazis during the WWII. This is an Screaming For Vengeance inspired rocker stuck in a higher gear that suddenly breaks down where a female choir comes into the song. Since this is an ode to the people of Poland it sounded like a good idea to record a Polish version for Poland. The band were joined by 4 interested metal singers from Poland; Piotr Wiwczarek from Vader, Marta Gabriel from Crystal Viper, Kontrad Ramotowski from Hate and Tomas Struszczyk from Turbo.

Track list:
1. 40:1-Polish version
2. 40:1-original version

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Zloty Melon Records

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TZ 046

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