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Sabaton -Metalizer dcd [re-armed]


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Rare 2010 Swedish re-issue on Black Lodge Records with 3 bonus tracks and slipcase

Metalizer is the shelved and never released debut album as well as the Fist For Fight album which is a compilation album of their demo material. This gives us a great insight to the early sound of this popular band. The sound of Metalizer is directly recognizable as Sabaton. The accessible power metal is in the same style as the first two albums. A mix of faster and mid tempo songs, though this album tends to focus on the faster ones. The album contains many great riffs and solos from both guitars and keyboards, galloping drums and of course the low and rough vocals from singer Joakim which give the band its own face. He does a great job, again. Overall, this album is a must for every Sabaton-fan.

Track list:
1. Hellrider
2. Thundergods
3. Metalizer
4. Shadows
5. Burn Your Crosses
6. 7734
7. Endless Nights
8. Hail To The King
9. Thunderstorm
10. Speeder
11. Masters Of The World
12. Jawbreaker-Judas Priest cover
13. Dream Destroyer
14. Panzer Battalion-demo
15. Helrider-live Vasteras 2006
16. Introduction
17. Hellrider
18. Endless Nights
19. Metalizer
20. Burn Your Crosses
21. The Hammer Has Fallen
22. Hail To The King
23. Shadows
24. Thunderstorm
25. Masters Of The World
26. Guten Nacht
27. Birds Of War

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