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Sabaton -Swedish Empire Live 2dvd


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Double dvd in digipak cover with slipcase

Being Polish citizens of honor just isnt enough. In August 2012 Sabaton went back to Poland to headline the renowned Woodstock festival in front of more than 600.000 enthusiastic fans. Swedish Empire Live certainly is the most impressive live document a heavy metal band has ever delivered. The biggest screens, the biggest production and of course the biggest crowd. On top of that, shows in Gothenburg, London and Oberhausen will be included as well – running over four hours in total. With this, Sabaton have definitely created a landmark release.

Track list:
1. The March To War-live Woodstock Festival
2. Ghost Division-live Woodstock Festival
3. Uprising-live Woodstock Festival
4. Gott Mit Uns-english version-live Woodstock Festival
5. Cliffs Of Gallipoli-live Woodstock Festival
6. Lion From The North-live Woodstock Festival
7. Price Of A Mile-live Woodstock Festival
8. Into The Fire-live Woodstock Festival
9. Carolus Rex-english version-live Woodstock Festival
10. Midway-live Woodstock Festival
11. White Death-live Woodstock Festival
12. Attero Dominatus-live Woodstock Festival
13. The Art Of War-live Woodstock Festival
14. Primo Victoria-live Woodstock Festival
15. 40:1-live Woodstock Festival
16. Metal Crue-live Woodstock Festival
17. Panzer Battalion-live Woodstock Festival
18. The March To War-live Gothenburg
19. Ghost Division-live Gothenburg
20. Gott Mit Uns-live Oberhausen
21. Poltava-live London
22. Talvistora-live London
23. Cliffs Of Gallipoli-live Gothenburg
24. 40 To 1-live Oberhausen
25. Swedish Pagans-live Oberhausen
26. Caroleans Prayer-live London
27. Lion From The North-live London
28. The Hammer Has Fallen-live London
29. Attero Dominatus-live Oberhausen
30. Art Of War-live London
31. En Livisted I Krig-live Gothenburg
32. Primo Victoria-live Oberhausen
33. Metal Crue-llive Gothenburg
34. The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity Foundation-documentary
35. The March To War-live Gothenburg
36. Ghost Division-live Gothenburg
37. Gott Mit Uns–live Gothenburg
38. Carolus Rex-live Gothenburg
39. White Death-live Gothenburg
40. Poltava-live Gothenburg
41. 40:1-live Gothenburg
42. Karolinens Bön-live Gothenburg
43. Into The Fire-live Gothenburg
44. Cliffs Of Gallipoli-live Gothenburg
45. Lejonet Från Norden-live Gothenburg
46. The Hammer Has Fallen-live Gothenburg
47. Attero Dominatus-live Gothenburg
48. En Livstid I Krig-live Gothenburg
49. The Art Of War-live Gothenburg
50. Primo Victoria-live Gothenburg
51. Metal Crue-live Gothenburg
52. The March To War-live Oberhausen
53. Ghost Division-live Oberhausen
54. Gott Mit Uns-live Oberhausen
55. Poltava-live Oberhausen
56. Carolus Rex-live Oberhausen
57. 40:1-live Oberhausen
58. Cliffs Of Gallipoli-live Oberhausen
59. Swedish Pagans-live Oberhausen
60. The Hammer Has Fallen-live Oberhausen
61. Attero Dominatus-live Oberhausen
62. The Art Of War-live Oberhausen
63. Primo Victoria-live Oberhausen
64. Metal Crue-live Oberhausen

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