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Sabaton -The Last Stand pic disc


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Record Store Day 2017 release as double picture disc album with gatefold cover.

Sabaton bassist stated: “We once again worked with Peter Tägtgren in his newly upgraded and top-class Abyss studio in Sweden to record, produce and mix the album. The mastering [was] done by Jonas Kjellgren who also works in the same building in nice Pärlby on the countryside of Sweden. Both ‘Carolus Rex’ and ‘Heroes’ were done in the same way and we [felt] very comfortable to return to the same place and people again. Fans will recognize the sound of the album as Sabaton, but we really feel we took it a step forward this time.” Vocalist Joakim Brodén: “The concept of a last stand has always fascinated me, and both me and Pär were ‘all in excited’ about the subject so it was an easy choice to make.” Added Sundström: “We have always several ideas for albums to work with. Since there are countless different views and angles of war, we will, unfortunately, never run out of ideas. We kinda felt that the last stand was something perfect for Sabaton. Something we really wanted to do. ‘Heroes’ was a perfect theme and ‘The Last Stand’ is right down our alley too. It was exciting to do the research.”

Track listing:
1. Sparta
2. Last Dying Breath
3. Blood Of Bannockburn
4. Diary Of An Unknown Soldier
5. The Lost Battalion
6. Rorke’s Drift
7. The Last Stand
8. Hill 3234
9. Shiroyama
10. Winged Hussars
11. The Last Battle
12. Camouflage
13. All Guns Blazing

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