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Sabaton -The Royal Guard mlp


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Still sealed but reduced price due to seam split on upper spine

Black vinyl with one side lazer etched. Limited 1000 copies

For the 500th anniversary of one of the oldest military establishments in the world – the Swedish Royal Guard – metal giants Sabaton returned with an epic hymn to celebrate this commemoration, whilst simultaneously satisfying the wish of thousands of fans to sing in Swedish again. This is the first new music released since Sabatons hit album The Great War entered the charts in several countries at #1 in 2019. Since 2012 and Carolus Rex we have been looking forward to writing more songs in Swedish and we felt that we were not done with the history of our fatherland, bassist and co-songwriter Pär Sundström reflects on the track. Over the past years, we have been discussing topics until something obvious came up. One of the oldest military regiments in the world, the Swedish Royal Guard (Livgardet), was formed in Sabaton’s home region in Sweden, Dalecarlia, in 1521 by the legendary Swedish king Gustav Vasa. For the past 500 years they have evolved with the times and served under various kings and queens around the world, and they are still active today. We felt that such an anniversary would be worth a song and we aimed at writing a respectful tribute, an anthem for this Swedish regiment and its legacy. The rich 500 years of history is, needless to say, extremely hard to fit into one single song and that is why we mainly focused on the parts and battles that happened during the age of the Swedish Empire. We aimed to write a respectful tribute, a powerful anthem, for this Swedish regiment and its remarkable legacy.

Track list:
1. The Royal Guard
2. Livgardet

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