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Sabbat ‎–Sabbatical Rites MC


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Malaysian pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with grey text. Limited 300 numbered copies

Japanese act Sabbat released their self titled EP in 1985. Influenced by more sinister strains of underground heavy metal and decidedly evil and Satanic imagery, Sabbat endeavoured to push metal to its logical extreme and, as a result, Sabbat is among those few bands that ushered in the first wave of Black Metal. The debut EP contained early versions of Mions Hill and Black Fire. As relevant today as when they were first released, these songs remain staples of the Sabbat catalogue – a testament to the durability of Sabbats sound through the decades. This limited release includes some of the band early EP’s collected on one release. This gives you a glimpse of the first steps from a group that become one of Japans most respected metal acts.

Track list:
1. Black Fire-from The Sabbat EP 1985
2. Mions Hill-from The Sabbat EP 1985
3. Satanic Rites – Curdle the Blood-from Born By Evil Blood EP 1987
4. Poison Child-from Born By Evil Blood EP 1987
5. Welcome To Sabbat – Crest of Satan-from Desecration EP 1988
6. Children Of Hell-from Desecration EP 1988
7. Darkness And Evil-from Desecration EP 1988
8. Hellfire-from Desecration EP 1988
9. Immortality Of The Soul-from The Devils Sperm Is Cold EP 1989
10. Possessed The Room (Kanashibari)-from Seven Deadly Sins EP 1990
11. Sacrifice Of Angel-from Seven Deadly Sins EP 1990
12. Crying In Last-from Seven Deadly Sins EP 1990

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CFB 003

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