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Sabbat –Fetishism cd


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Still sealed 2019 press with 3 bonus tracks

Among the many releases this cult Japanese band has done since its initiation in the mid 1980s, the 1994 album Fetishism features among the best material they had done up to that point. The music is really aggressive and rigorous, but at the same time it’s not without melodism. Both distinctive features are organically intertwined in a high-speed attack, and this gives glare individuality to the sound. Another distinctive feature of Sabbat is their frequent and diverse solos, there are plenty of them on the Fetishism album, but mostly they are classical for thrash metal, nothing out of the way, they’re in the German style, although the American one is often recognized.

Track list:
1. Disembody To The Abyss
2. In Satan We Trust
3. Satan Is Beautiful
4. Sausine
5. Elixir De Vie
6. Lost In The Grave
7. Burn The Church
8. Ghost Train
9. The Exorcism
10. Evanescent Quietude
11. The Egg Of Dapple-English version
12. Poisonchild-extra version
13. Sodoomed Creation Of Death

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