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Sabbat (jap) – Karisma


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The legendary band Sabbat from Japan with frontman Gezol in his frostbitten-uberleather-necro-bathingsuit. I don't know where the hell he found that thing, or who was insane perverted enough to sell it to him. ‘Karisma’ opens with ‘Samurai Zombies’ that opens with some traditional Japanese tea house music, reminding the listener that this band is indeed from Japan. Then the guitars come in. The riffs are a non-stop ballbusting headbanging holocaust of black/thrash. The guitars have the classic Venom sound (distorted and raw, but still very clear and enjoyable). There are solos, there is aggression, there are so much honesty and love for the music from this band. ‘Karisma’ is a solid album where all the years of hard work pays off. Nothing sounds out of place it’s a pure headbanging black/thrash fest. Track listing: 1. Karisma 2. Bowray Samurai (Samurai Zombies) 3. Orochie 4. Harmageddon 5. Makutsu (Den Of Hades) 6. Okiko Ningyo (Okiku Doll Of The Devil) 7. Yoochuu (Japanese Revelation)

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