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Sabbat (jap) – Karmagmassacre [european version]


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This is the eight full-length release from Sabbat (only counting studio albums), the classic Japanese thrashing black metal band. Sabbat have a really horrible habit of make their fans' lives miserable by releasing literally dozens of 7"s, all with special edition pressings which contain different track listings and cover art. Not to mention since they often come out in the band's own label based out of Japan, and are often limited to 500 or so copies, they go out of print very quickly. So its good to see they are actually releasing something new on cd/lp format that is actually a full length. Its been three years since their previous album ‘Satanasword’, which was quite good, but I felt it was a letdown compared to 1999's absolutely brilliant ‘Karisma’, so my expectations for this weren't the highest, but I knew since it was a Sabbat album it would not be crappy. After all, these guys' first 7" came out in 1985, and for some reason they released their best album in 1999, and have been consistently good for almost 20 years now. Sabbat have progressed quite a bit since that first 7", but still retain their signature sound, and they progress in a way that actually helps their sound instead of hurt it. Maybe its because these guys know how to compose songs intelligently and not just blindly throw a couple of cool sounding riffs together, or maybe its just something in the Japanese water supply. Either way, these guys should be a hell of a lot bigger than they are. This European version features the track 'Registry Of Dark Side' instead of 'Plasmas Goat' that are on the Us version Track listing: 1. The Answer Is Hell 2. I´m Your Satan 3. Demonic Serenade 4. Brothers Of Demons 5. Registry Of Dark Side 6. In League With Devils 7. Black Magical Circle Of Witches 8. The Letter From Death 9. Possession Of The Reaper 10. Satanasword

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