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Sabbat (jap) – Satanasword


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Sabbats eight studio album is a real treat. Surely this is the catchiest release of the millennium to date – traditional heavy metal that is a blatant tribute to the early '80s but with a huge amount of individual identity that has enchanted a significant cult following. Basically, this is loaded with: ‘Chaaaaaarisma, Chaaaaaarisma, CHARISMA!!!’. ‘Satanasword’ is made in respect for all those leather-pants wearing thirty-somethings who cling to the early '80s like a well-chewed shoe. It was a good era for music, when metal rocked hard, guitar solos went for minutes and we were able to headbang without spending the next fortnight in a neck brace. ‘Satanasword’ should be played at maximum volume and accompanied by frenzied air guitar playing and listeners should be screaming their tits off while creaming their pants at the glorious resurrection of true metal. Buy this. 2002 re-pressing (limited 1000 copies) with gold artwork Track listing: 1. Charisma 2. Angel Of Destruction 3. Kiss Of Lilleth 4. Death Zone 5. The Gate 6. Dracula 7. Nekromantik 8. Jealousy Carnage

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