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Sabbat / Paganfire -Sabbatical Vermin Born LP


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Black vinyl with insert and huge poster

Legendary black thrashers from Japan, Sabbat collaborated with Filipino thrash band Paganfire in order to make this evil split straight from the Eastern corners of the pits of Hell. This split consists of two live recordings. Sabbat’s live recording were taped at the 2013 True Thrash Fest, and consists of five of their classics, “Black Metal Scythe”, “Witch Hammer”, “Immortality of the Soul”, “Hellfire”, and “Blackfire”. Paganfire’s side is a recording from their performance at a 2013 Sepultura tribute show in Caloocan City. The tracks on this side are “To Hunt, To Kill, To Devour”, “Filth of Beliefs”, “Durugin At Kayoy Sumpain”, “Power Elitist”, and “Bakal Sa Bakal, Laman Sa Laman”. Talking about Sabbat’s side, these are some of their greatest classics from albums such as Sabatrinity and a few of their demos. It’s part of their setlist from when they performed in the 2013 True Thrash Fest in Osaka. The sound quality is really great for Sabbat’s side, really heavy, chunky sounding guitars. Sabbat’s a total blast live, and you can see it here. Sound quality in this side is perfect, Now on to Paganfire’s side. The songs on this album are definitely amazing songs, and Paganfire sound like a really crazy band as these songs are crazy and intense, their sound reminds me a lot of classic Sepultura or Sarcofago. Granted, they also came from a third world setting. The production quality though is a little bit fuzzy at times, and the riffs a bit difficult to hear. I know that these are some really amazing songs from a band who know how to handle their instruments and make some amazing songs. However, the guitars sound WAY too thin. I would like to have heard more of the ripping solos and insane riffage. Listen to the third track were there’s a lot of crowd participation when they’re doing riot vocals along with the vocalist. It sounds to me that the Filipino fanbase and the musicians show a lot of intensity and passion from this recording,. Is Paganfire the most original band in the world? No, not really but as it says “If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. That sounds a lot like Paganfire to me, they’re not reinventing the wheel because it’s perfect just the way it is. They got some really amazing songs and sound like they’d be a hell of a blast live, I believe that the instrumental proficiency, amazing songs, and passion behind their performance is what makes the listening experience worth it. If you want to hear the live performances of two of Asia’s most evil bands, you should definitely get your hands on this.

Track list:
1. Sabbat -Black Metal Scythe
2. Sabbat -Witchhammer
3. Sabbat -Immortality Of Soul
4. Sabbat -Hellfire
5. Sabbat -Blackfire
6. Paganfire -To Hunt, To Kill, To Devour
7. Paganfire -Filth Of Beliefs
8. Paganfire -Durugin At Kayoy Sumpain
9. Paganfire -Power Elitist
10. Paganfire -Bakal Sa Bakal, Laman Sa Laman

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