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Sabbat (uk) – Mourning Has Broken


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Sabbat's final album turned out to be quite different from the band's earlier works. Due to Martin Walkyier's departure and some other stylistic changes, the sound of Mourning Has Broken is unlike anything the band had previously done. The music is somewhat less thrashy than before, leaning towards heavy metal though the heavy riffs still give it a solid base. Ritchie Desmond's vocals are very grand, totally different from Walkyier's style, and they give this album a noble feel which I sort of like. However, it's the songwriting that makes this release particularly difficult. The first couple of tracks sound extremely disjointed and confusing, and despite some slightly more focused songs later on the general disorienting feel of this album can make it very challenging for a casual listener to get into it. This and the great difference from Sabbat's original style probably led to the demise of this album and the band. In my opinion Mourning Has Broken is not quite as bad as many like to suggest, but it can certainly take a very long time and a lot of patience to really learn to appreciate it. Track listing: 1. The Demise Of History 2. Theological Void 3. Paint The World Black 4. Dumbstruck 5. The Voice Of Time 6. Dreamscape 7. Without A Trace 8. Mourning Has Broken

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