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Sacramentum ‎–The Coming Of Chaos lp [splatter]


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2020 press on clear splatter vinyl with insert. Limited 500 copies

At times, this is almost up to the calibre of Far Away From The Sun. It’s all there, the purposeful sense of melody, the flowing, almost ambient, melodies wielded with technical precision, and the ever-so-subtle Iron Maiden influence. Not nearly as much as, oh say, Dissection, but it was there on the debut and slightly more so here. The band threw in a few counterpoint thrash riffs that complement the tremolo riffs very nicely like in the first two songs. Now, this isn’t to be confused with a Desaster; there aren’t that many riffs as to classify this as black/thrash. However, enough of these counterpoint riffs were used as to keep the album interesting. There are some ideas that don’t make a whole lot of sense, especially in the context of Black/Death metal. The pseudo-whispering/muttering passages in “Dreamdeath” come to mind. They seem to dominate the soundscape instead of incorporating with the music, which doesn’t work too well and thankfully doesn’t occur too frequently. I also don’t get a whole lot of enjoyment out of the title track. Yeah there are riffs and all, but not enough to sustain a song for 13 minutes. Focus is sorely lacking. Despite the previously mentioned gripe, “Dreamdeath” and “…As Obsidian” have the strongest riff base – including well timed pauses a la Watchtower after the aforementioned spoken parts in the former. “Abyss of Time” sounds like it could have been on the last album…the blast beats are well placed and don’t threaten to overpower everything. The choir in “Black Destiny” manages to work well too. Overall, this is a good record, it’s just not as enjoyable as what came before. Storm Of The Light’s Bane does this better in the same way that Far Away From The Sun did The Somberlain better. This is still worth looking into, just prepare to be slightly let down.

Track list:
1. Dreamdeath
2. As Obsidian
3. Awaken Chaos
4. Burning Lust
5. Abyss Of Time
6. Portal Of Blood
7. Black Destiny
8. To The Sound Of Storms
9. The Coming Of Chaos

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