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Sacred Night –Demo-Lishan Project 30 Years Later cd


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Digipak. Limited 400 numbered copies

Sacred Night was a short lived Swedish rock band, active between 1992 and 1993. The band went to Studio Gruvan in Stockholm on a Saturday in March of 1993 to record their debut recording, Demo-lishan-project, a private pressed vinyl single that was pressed in 400 numbered copies. The final mixing was done by Death metal poducer Tomas Skogsbergs at Sunlight Studio. The recording is far from death metal. This is pure heavy metal and the opening tune Victim For Nothing shows strong influences from early Dianno period of Iron Maiden. The recording was done in just a few hours during that day in March. If theese would have been released ten years earlier on a local compilation album or as a vinyl single on Pang records then it would be hailed as a classic underground jewel. Now it was drowned in a flow of professional metal releases that were made in the 90s. The band broke up shortly atter the release but over the years the single has found its fans. Then in 2024 the original master tape was found and all the material has been remixed. So this cd single, true to the original vinyl single its a limited press of only 400 numbered copies, features the three tracks in remixed and mastered form as well as an unmixed version of the instrumental track City Of Dreams and the two tracks with vocals are also here in its original mix. Fans of 80s independent released Swedish metal should check this out.

Track list:
1. Victim For Nothing
2. City Of Dreams
3. Free Man
4. Victim For Nothing-original mix
5. Free Man-original mix
6. City Of Dreams-unmixed

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