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Sacred Steel -Reborn In Steel cd


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2018 expanded reissue with 8 bonus tracks. Limited 1000 copies

Sacred Steel do not play heavy metal. They ARE heavy metal, or to be more exact: true heavy metal. Back in the middle of the ’90s, when classic metal was fighting for its survival and was losing, a bunch of heavy metal maniacs from Germany got tired of new trends in metal, and decided to start a band which would celebrate the legacy of legends such as Agent Steel, Mercyful Fate, Sanctuary, Omen, Cirith Ungol, early Manowar and Helstar. Not only did they succeed, and get signed to the legendary Metal Blade Records as the first German band ever, but they managed to ignite the fire that the scene needed, and they were in the front row of maniacs who were responsible for the revival of true heavy metal in Europe.

Track list:
1. Metal Reigns Supreme
2. Battle Angel
3. Trapped In Hell
4. True Force Of Iron Glory
5. Reborn In Steel
6. Purified By Pain
7. Sword Of The King
8. In The Mouth Of Madness
9. Kill The Deceiver
10. Sacred Steel
11. In The Mouth Of Madness-demo version
12. Battle Angel-demo version
13. Sacred Steel-demo version
14. Reborn In Steel-demo version
15. Mindkiller-demo version
16. Theatre Of Blood-demo version
17. The Prophet Is Dead-demo version
18. Too Late To Repent-rough mix

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