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Sacred Steel – Wargods Of Metal


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The second chapter in the epic tale of metal conquests and such. Putting Manowar to shame with their dedication to metal and their themes or all things heavy metal. Really there isn't a song on this disc that doesn't deal with the conquests of heavy metal. The music is fast and furious, the solos shred, the drums are pummelling and the lyrics are over-the-top ridiculous. While I have no doubt that this band is serious in their dedication to true heavy metal, their lyrics are obviously tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken seriously. It feels like these guys must read Manowar lyrics like they were the Bible. As usual, most negative criticism with this band falls with their singer's unique sound and style. Personally, I like him. If nothing else, he is quite a bit different from the lot of power metal singers and has an interesting way of enunciating certain syllables and words. Overall, as with the band's debut, I enjoy the bands enthusiasm, their metal attitude and their overall style. Track listing: 1. Blessed By The Gods 2. Wargods Of Metal 3. Tonight The Witches Ride 4. Iron Legions 5. Carnage Rules The Fields Of Death 6. Army Of Metalheads 7. Battle Cry 8. Dethrone The Tyrant King 9. By Steel We Rule 10. Crusaders Of The Metal Blade 11. Empire Of Steel 12. Declaration Of War 13. Heavy Metal To The End

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